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We have put together a catalog of our most popular items.

2019 Catalog

If the link isn't working or you would prefer a printed version of our catalog, just drop us an email at CatalogRequest@jozeegirl.com

Jozee was recently chosen Northwest Rider Magazines ‘Horse of the Month’. 

She enjoys working cows, trail rides and long walks on the beach.

When she isn’t modeling, she can be found at home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she still lives at home with her mother.

Jozee Girls Leann & Jozee

Thank you for visiting Jozee Girl. I started Jozee Girl in 2005 to meet the need for a high quality yet affordable 'bling' tack.  I was frustrated with the quality and style that was being offered. Now, with an amazing crew of leather craftsmen behind me, we strive to make the highest quality, most beautiful tack available at the lowest price possible.

Leann Davis (503) 313-7854
Email: Leann@JozeeGirl.com
Mailing Address: (Note, this is not the showroom address!)
  Jozee Girl
  44494 NW Breezy Lane
  Forest Grove, OR 97116

Jozee Girl is honored to be voted Best of 2016!

Jozee Girl has been proudly featured in both the internationally distributed Gallop Magaine and Horse & Rider!

                                ~         STYLE         ~

It is estimated that 89% of all horse owners in America are women and that we ride purely for fun and enjoyment, not as our job.  What is more fun to a woman than sparkle and shine?  My style should never be compared to this old crusty cowboy. If my horse was tied up next to his, no one would ever mistake mine for his!  What about yours? 

I estimate that 95% of all leather horse tack is made and designed by men. Men like this fellow.  There is no way that this old crusty cowboy can guess my style. 

Jozee Girl tack is designed by a woman for a woman, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship possible.

I am a cow'girl' not a cow'boy'. I don't want to look like some old cowboy when I ride. I want to ride in beautiful tack, covered in diamonds, looking ALL GIRL, ALL FUN!  I want to be noticed, I want to turn heads. I want to SHINE!

                               ~             Quality            ~

On one hand, EBay, Facebook and Craigslist are packed with low quality, homemade or imported ‘bling’ tack that will be losing rhinestones as soon as you start using it.  On the other hand, the internet is also full of overpriced tack that may last longer (hopefully), but cost so much that you have to sell your horse just to afford it.

Jozee Girl understands the importance of high quality, affordable products.  Our Crystal Stirrups feature INSET crystals.  Each crystal is placed in to, not on to, the stirrup, much like a diamond into a setting.  Our Crystal Conchos are finished with an acrylic style top coat that seals and protects your genuine Swarovski crystals. Others simply ‘glue’ their crystal on and hope for the best. 

When you purchase a Jozee Girl product you can be assured that it will be the highest quality combined with the lowest price possible. 

If you have any questions or special requests email: leann@jozeegirl.com or call (we are on pacific time) (503) 313-7854.