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Choosing your colors!

With Jozee Girl you are free to choose any color crystals in any combination that you like.

If you are having trouble choosing your colors, or the order in which you would like them, browse through the photo album. Something may jump out at you.

Small Conchos, 3/4" through 1 1/2", have 3 rows of crystals, 1 3/4" and 2" have 4 rows and the 2 3/8" has 5 rows. For most items you will choose 3 colors.  The outside row will usually be your main color, the center stone your next favorite color and the middle row your accent color.

For example, if someone called and said they love teal and maybe a little purple and wanted me to decide what to make them, I would make them a Teal Mega Bling leather with Purple Velvet, AB, Teal Blue Zircon conchos. Another choice would be Teal Blue Zircon, Purple Velvet, Teal Blue Zircon (upper concho).  However, using all dark color can get a little 'blob' looking, so I often use clear or AB as an accent in the middle row. Especially on colored or dark leather.

Helpful Hints:

When you choose your colors I automatically put your outside color choice as the main color on your buckles.

Cart Buckles are not the best choice for One Ear Headstalls.  The Scalloped buckle will lay flatter.

If you want 'just a hint' of a color, put it as your center stone.

The single stones on your Mega Bling set will be clear or AB, unless you notify me that you want another color.

The scallop and straight buckles have fancy shaped stones that are only available in clear or AB.

A clear center stone, with a colored second row, can't be seen from a distance and will look like you are missing a crystal.

From a distance, a clear outside row can make your concho appear small, while a colored middle row can look like little circles around your tack.

Now in Black and Dark Oil!

Jozee Girl Mega Bling tack is available in Black Leather, Dark Oil Leather or Natural Leather. The Natural Leather can be accented with any of the colors below...